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"Back It Up" - LiYON | Review

LiYON brings us warm weather vibes with new electro pop track "Back It Up".

This is a love song for those trying their hardest to keep a relationship alive. It's a modern take on relationships and how easy it is to walk away and not want to trust that someone is willing to stick around and support you. LiYON says, "back it up" and he will be there. Combining an electronic pop sound with meaningful experience, new single “Back It Up” showcases his signature ’90s vibe and a driving bass.

Rising up his way from Montreal’s music scene, JD was enriched with studio session affairs and downtown shows at a young age. The Montreal native soon echoed his come-up and began his journey into the music realm. Straying from music’s corporate route, JD found his moniker in Liyon. The newcomer created a new persona in order to deviate himself from corporate music and commence a journey to unveil his sheer talent.

With a signature sound, self described as “drugged out synth-pop,” Liyon produces atmospheric tracks drowning in hypnotic synths and tantalizing riffs. Emphasizing his goal to “bring good vibes to the world and connect with other humans in a genuine way,” he brings an ambitious sound to cater an authentic experience for his music. Liyon’s talents and ideals of authenticity will carry him to a promising career capable of exceeding new heights.

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