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"Baby Don’t Hold Back” - Dance Yourself Clean |Review

On June 27, “Baby Don’t Hold Back” was released by Dance Yourself Clean. “Baby Don’t Hold Back” explores what it’s like to have great chemistry with someone you’re in a relationship with. This indie-electronic anthem is surely going to get the listener out of their seat.

The opening synthesizer sets the tone for this groovy track. The enthralling bassline and drum beat then comes in for the rest of the tune. “Baby Don’t Hold Back” has a catchy melody in the chorus that will have the listener singing and dancing the whole time. With lyrics, “Baby don’t hold back / You know I can’t be in the moment without you,” the singer expresses how they can’t be without this person they have a connection with. “Baby Don’t Hold Back” is the perfect track for any club or party.

From Seattle, Washington, Dance Yourself Clean is an indie dance party. They became the first touring dance party in North America. Dance Yourself Clean has created their own record label titled, Lights and Music Collective. As well, they have released music projects including, “Baby Don’t Hold Back” and a remix of Franz Ferdinand’s, “Take Me Out.” If you’re in the Seattle Area, check out Dance Yourself Clean playing at Chop Suey Seattle every Saturday!

Written by, Erika Isaacs

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