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“b-day” - Jewel Owusu | Review

Jewel Owusu is back and ready to make more hits with her latest song “b-day.” There’s nothing I love more than pop songs that have blends of an artist's multiple influences and Jewel hits that mark.

If you’re stuck online like I am, you know the joke of girls always crying on their birthday? Picture that, but with a y2k influence pop beat behind it. “B-day” goes through the motions of hyping yourself up for your birthday; getting the outfit, the drinks, the hotel/airbnb, only to feel stuck in the same place.

Jewel’s sound is a mix of R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop but she has the ability of making these popular sounds distinctively hers. If you’re a fan of PinkPantheress, Tinahse, Charli XCX, or Zilo you need Jewel in your daily rotation. We’ll be seeing and hearing more of her soon.

About Jewel: Jewel Owusu is a half Filipino and half Ghanaian singer-songwriter, born in the vibrant city of Hong Kong and raised in New Zealand and Perth. Give her a follow.

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