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“Away” - Limón Limón | Review

Limón Limón’s new song “Away” is a beautiful escape from your quarantined reality. The indie pop hit returns all the adventure and vibrance to you that the coronavirus pandemic has stolen.

The artists built a tropical, irresistible beat with keys, flute and trumpet synths, guitar, and upbeat vocals. I found myself shamelessly head bopping to the beat from my desk. The song radiates joy and motivates listeners to embrace the spontaneity that we can look forward to post-pandemic. Until then, the artists appreciate the joy our imaginations can create with lyrics like “been to Morocco inside my head.”

The lyrics started by expressing a very relatable feeling: “I’ve got to get away,” and they spun that into something positive and joyous. A feeling of anticipation. Their music speaks about embracing adventure, singing “you know I’m ready, suitcase is heavy, just tell me when to go.” The artists leave us with a rockin’ guitar solo complimented by the flute and trumpet synths.

Limón Limón is an LA-based indie duo composed of Jason on vocals, guitar, and bass and Rand on keys, synths, and drums. They co-wrote their biggest hit so far, “Hot Pink Tiger,” with Netflix’s “Tiger King” star Joe Exotic. The song was released earlier this year in August and has now reached over 245,000 streams on Spotify.

On Spotify, Limón Limón states that one of their goals is to “create timeless music that brings people together” and that is exactly what I believe this song will do.

Written by Annika Johnson

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