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"Autumn Eyes" - The Crane District |Review

'Autumn Eyes' is a sweet singer-songwriter pop-rock track that is the perfect love song in the peak summer heat knowing fall is around the corner.

The Crane District's sophomore single Autumn Eyes is an expression of longing and emptiness due to the gulf separating you from someone you’re falling for, while creeping insecurities nag at your confidence but serving only to reaffirm your feelings. The Crane District brings a bouncy bass line, falsetto harmonies, and glittery acoustic guitars coupled with Angelo’s liqueur vocals to envelop the listeners into a comfortable sway.

This track is perfectly calm. The musicality just makes me want to take a moment to enjoy the world and moment I am in. It's one of those tracks that makes you appreciative of the little good things in your life even when not everything is perfect.

The solo project from Angelo Rosas-Ortiz, The Crane District delivers lo-fi pop with the brevity and honesty of a poet. After fronting indie/grunge rock band MF Jones for several years, Angelo started to introspectively refine his songwriting, spending time away from the crowded bar scene, and focusing on the things important to him, which sparked new inspiration.

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