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Artist to Watch: Linnea Krepper

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Linnea Krepper is a name you should start to pay attention to in the pop world. The Swedish pop artist and singer songwriter has some incredibly powerful vocals to accompany her genius lyrics. She has the perfect balance of power and softness in her songs and a her music reflects the same spirit and strength she had in making her way in music and to the U.S. and pursued her dreams of being a musician.

Linnea just released a new single called ‘Show a little love tonight’. Her vocals swell over a slightly darker track than her normal upbeat pop. Linnea says “My new single Show A Little Love Tonight is recorded in Zoetermeer, Netherlands. It's a song about love, like many others, but this love is the kind that you give away without getting nothing in return. It's desperate in an angry and confident way, knowing what you´re worth and fighting to break free. If you´re in this kind of relationship I want to give you the energy to say no and the courage to walk away. Something better is out there waiting for you, you just need to take the chances when you see them."

Listen to her music with the link below:

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