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Artist Spotlight: Zenzero

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

We have recently discovered a great new duo called Zenzero. Their electronic ethereal sound is hypnotizing and their music is the perfect amount of catchy and chill to keep on repeat for hours. This duo is new started their collaborating back in 2014 and decided to join forces for their post-electronic soul infused debut album ’Ordinary Illusions’, the first release from their project Zenzero, released this December. They followed this up with "Monochrome" in January, and now release "Till Its Gone". Here is some more information about Tim and Rosie who make up Zenzero.

“Tim Kellett kicked off his music career in the post-punk band The Durutti Column in 1984, where he was studying at the RNCM Manchester and where he later became a founder member of the pop group Simply Redr. With Simply Red he would tour the world extensively and record the first four iconic albums, Picture Book, Men and Women, A New Flame and Stars. In 1995 Kellett formed his own band Olive, which in 1997 would earn him his first self-penned UK No.1 with the electronica / dance anthem ‘You’re Not Alone’. With this song he was awarded the prestigious Ivor Novello award and two Brit nominations. In recent years Kellett has concentrated on songwriting for various different artists, which include, James Morrison, Lighthouse Family, Taio Cruz, Girls Aloud, Emma Bunton, Kylie Minogue to name but a few.

Rosie Doonan is a singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Hailing from Wakefield and born into the folk family phenomenon of 'The Mighty Doonans', Rosie would cut her musical teeth in the world of folk. Success came early with a teenage performance at The Royal Albert Hall with a cappella group The Sweet Nothings. Rosie then went on to record her debut album with Ben Murray which earned her a Horizon nomination at the BBC Folk Awards. Spotted by ‪Peter Gabriel, Doonan went on to perform and tour extensively throughout the world with his 'New Blood Orchestra' and duetted with him on the iconic 'Don't Give Up'. More live work would follow with the singer songwriter Birdy which led to an acoustic recording of her song 'Wings' and the ‪John Metcalfe Band have been enlisting her services in recent performances and also as a featured artist on the single 'Wrapped'. The highlight of 2017 must have been her performance with Cold Plays' Chris Martin, accompanying him on the piano for his ‪George Michael tribute at The Brit Awards. Swing music has always been a passion of Rosie's and as her 'alter- ego' Cissie Redgwick, her video of the self-penned 'Gimme That Swing' has recently taken the Internet by storm and indeed lead to her involvement in co-writing the music for ‘The Canary Girls’.”

The duo’s newest song is absolutely beautiful and creates an almost haunting atmosphere. We got the duo to give us the story behind the creation of their song ‘Till it’s Gone”:

‘Zenzero formed in early 2017. We had a few songs and had arrived at the studio to write some more. By early summer (June 14 2017 to be exact) we’d met up to do some more writing and Rosie and I were talking about the terrible fire that had ripped through a tower block in London. The ‘Grenfell’ fire eventually went on to kill 72 people and destroy the lives of many more. This would be the inspiration of ‘Till it’s Gone’, a song that tries to identify the importance of making the most of life and what you have. We’d been moaning about various things that could be better in our lives but this tragedy brought home to us how lucky we were. I guess it’s always a relative thing, there’s always someone you can say is better off in life, but the ferociousness of this fire, that ended so many lives, kind of put our own grumbles into perspective’

Please go take a listen to this incredible song and all of their others with the links below:

Written and Edited by: Hannah Schneider

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