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Artist Spotlight: Betty Who

Australia-born Betty Who (Jess Newham) first came into our lives with her hit, “Somebody Loves You,” in 2014. Now, she’s released her second album, The Valley, and has toured all over performing her music. She’s performed on many TV shows such as The Today Show and moved to Los Angeles to focus on producing her sophomore album. Additionally, she got engaged to her photographer boyfriend of three years, Zak Cassar in November 2017 and kicked off her tour in promotion of The Valley in April 2017, which will last until March 2018.

Who became involved with music at a young age as she started playing cello when she was four years old and began writing songs when she was fourteen. From there, she moved to the United States in 2007 to pursue her musical career and met producer Peter Thomas, who encouraged and helped her with releasing her own music over the next two years.

“Somebody Loves You,” her first instant hit produced by Thomas, made her famous very quickly, especially when a cute marriage proposal video featuring that song circulated around the internet. Two years later, in 2016, Who released a cover of Donna Lewis’ “I Love You Always Forever,” which made it onto the top charts in many countries. In 2017, she was a major performer at Capital Pride in Washington D.C. and embarked on her Party in the Valley tour.

Betty has always been engaged with her audience, supportings fans, sending love, sharing their creative ideas, and has actually supported and promoted Hannah a few times. Who has shared via her social media platforms, several times, digital art which Hannah, one half of Unheard Gems, drew of her album covers. A shirt from the last pressing of merchandise from the “Slow Dancing” tour was sent to Hannah as well as a handwritten note from Betty. We are not the only lives she has touched. Who’s fans will not hesitate to share their love for the artist and all she has done for them. From mentions on social media, high fives at concerts, cute photos at pride, or just the messages behind her lyrics, Who has touched the lives of many and we love and support her as she continues to grow and thrive as a musician.

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