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‘Are you still watching?’ - DAVVN | Review

Distinctly electro-pop, DAVVN brings listeners their newest single ‘are you still watching?’

The chorus and drop of this song are stunning. The vocals are crystal clear and the dynamic and playful nature of the chord progression is fantastic. The hook is an earworm and is an instant groove. There is a great sense of voice behind the lyrics. It is obvious that this duo isn’t just your generic electro-pop machine.

“are you still watching?” was inspired by a melancholy guitar riff. Natural and electronic sounds are juxtaposed throughout the track, mirroring the bittersweet emotion of the modern world: constantly looking through our phone camera lens to capture reality. The single explores the loneliness that comes with always being connected and watching the world in 2d.

Mike and McCall met their last year of college in Boston. They bonded over our interest in music (specifically pop punk from the 2000’s) and decided to try writing together in late 2016. They formed their sound around their debut single "without you" and hope to keep developing it as they continue working together on DAVVN.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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