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"ARE WE STILL FRIENDS" - Ella Eliza | Review

Breaking boundaries in music is a specialty for women in music. Ella Eliza’s new single, “Are We Still Friends,” is no exception. With a vast myriad of influences, this pop song has an insane amount of layers that take multiple listens to really identify and digest, keeping it fresh and interesting every time.

Eliza’s vocals are soulful and sensual, sitting at a lower alto range. The song itself is low and brooding, adding mystique to the question… are we still friends? There are heavy R&B influences present, mainly in the beat and bassline. It’s coupled with retro pop sounds and deep synths. There are so many sounds at work that create one cohesive soundscape— think The Weeknd and Dua Lipa in terms of dedication to the story and aesthetic.

This song sounds like the city after it’s gone to sleep. The bars and clubs are empty and glass bottles line the street. Only the mist of the night air can be seen below the streetlight. The song has a heaviness that feels like insomnia and anxious pacing, namely in the quiet hours of the morning, meanwhile your head is absolutely screaming in thought.

Ella Eliza is the German-born, London-based artist that is making DIY music that is changing the game as we know it. She made her debut in 2018 with her first single, Like I Can’t Breathe, shortly followed with another single, Sinner and Saint, which was featured on the BBC Radio Derby. Her debut EP, INTROSPECTION, was written and produced by herself in her North West London flat during the COVID lockdown. Her first single from the EP, titled ALONE WITH YOU, was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Pop playlist, and premiered with Wonderland Magazine.

Written by Jess Ward

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