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Another Nguyen- “Different” |Review

Different is a different kind of love song. More like the type of forbidden love.

This electro-pop track is about a man with a lover who seems like he has eyes for someone else. Afraid of leaving his girlfriend, yet having thoughts of other girls, too, Another Nguyen describes the pain of being the “other” girl. The lyric that really hits deep, “Cuz you and her seem to be so happy, And you and me are just a fantasy” encapsulates the whole song. This is from a real experience that the singer felt, and she wanted to capture the moment of connection. Her voice sounds like something straight from heaven—an angelic voice that pulls you straight back into the song. How could someone not love it? Different is a refreshing new pop song that the radio desperately needs.

Ngoc Anh Nguyen, stage name Another Nguyen, is a Berlin-based, Vietnamese-German singer-songwriter. Her powerful pop music and gentle voice has gained attention and kept her fans on the edge of their seats. Since her 2018 self-titled EP, Another Nguyen has blossomed with heartful and personal tracks. From Hanoi to Los Angeles, she has been exploring her artistic and musical style in Berlin—a city that expresses with art. Another Nguyen’s unique touch to the musical world will shift the way fans will listen to pop.

Written by Lia Tsvetanova

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