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“another girl” - pink roses | Review

A sweet indie-pop love song, “another girl” is emotional and pure. Pink roses truly creates an atmosphere of love.

Their newest single, “another girl,” is an emotional and nostalgic song about the lead singer, Dave Fontenot’s first love. Tracks like this you can play on loop for hours. There is such a sweet sentiment to this style of laid back love song. It almost feels like those long texts that you send to those you care about at 2 a.m. when you can’t sleep and you feel so lucky to know them regardless of the situation. pink roses has a soothing vocal quality and the instrumentation is calming and a stellar balance of indie, electronic, and pop influences.

Pink Roses is an indie-pop duo from Los Angeles for fans of LANY and The 1975. They wrote 100+ songs in their bedroom. In their first year, they have already gained over 1.5M Spotify streams, 1M+ YouTube views, and 10K+ Instagram followers. They have been featured on Spotify editorial playlists “Fresh Finds” and “Fresh Finds: Pop.” Scooter Braun shared their music to his Instagram after discovering them on the private app, Clubhouse. They have only played 4 shows in LA and NYC, but have sold out 200 cap rooms with lines down the street. They are completely independent, self-managed, and self-funded. They pride themselves on having a cult fan base, including 30+ Instagram fan accounts, across the globe.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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