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Anarbor’s Long Awaited Single “MIA”

Anarbor’s new single “MIA” is racking up the charts quickly because of its addicting 2000’s pop vibe. This song gives major deja-vu into everyone’s 10 year past. The track has an eternal power to it, giving its listeners nostalgia into their teenage years with theclever mix of early pop, rock, and alt-pop.

This band creates a strong, addicting beat which comes alive from the steady drum, guitar strums and the bass, all placed with alluring vocals. They are trending with the new generation of teens, something that was initially a challenge because when this band came alive ten years ago, they caught the past generation. With their strong focus on staying current, they have brought in a large crowd of both generations.

An American-wide tour is taking place currently, with a show-a-night (except Mondays) for the next months. They are playing with indie rockers Alvarez Kings and WILD on their tour, keeping the crowd entertained for their whole set. Keep up with their schedule on Instagram to see if they are playing near you.

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