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"Always Been You" - Dylan Emmet | Release Spotlight

Updated: Nov 6, 2018



“Emmet’s lyrical delivery offers a really raw sense of how the words should be felt ”

Elicit Magazine

“Too Far Gone” Carries understanding & catharsis that run parallel to Dylan’s killer vocals and smooth production.

We Found New Music

October 3rd, 2018 - New York indie-pop singer/songwriter and producer Dylan Emmet returns with a new single, the powerfully emotional “Always Been You.” The song follows his recent release, “Shapeshifter,” being featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Poptronix Playlist.

After finding out he had a two year old daughter he never knew about, Dylan began releasing a string of gut wrenching songs documenting his journey, beginning with leaving Los Angeles to become an insta-dad in New York overnight. Currently living with his daughter back in upstate New York, Dylan has continued to successfully write and produce for multiple artists on both coasts by utilizing video chat and taking occasional month long trips to LA to write.

“Always Been You” is a modern pop ballad with a lo-fi gloss, riddled with swirling guitar synths and sleek minimalistic textures reminiscent of Emmet’s latest collaborations with LeyeT “Most People” (Billboard) and Chandler Juliet “Burning Sage.” (New Music Friday) Stemming from a moment of frustration, Dylan explains the inspiration behind the track:

“I wrote the song about falling for someone and not knowing if you should tell them. Whether it’s a close friend, co-worker, or a long distance thing, it sucks to be in love with someone that you are not “supposed” to have feelings for. All you think about is telling them how you really feel, ”but you know that you risk losing them completely if they don’t feel the same way. This song is really a snapshot of my mindframe as I realized how deep my feelings went for this girl...I still haven’t told her…

Always Been You is out everywhere! Here's all the streaming links:


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