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Alone - Brent de la Cruz | Review

Brent de la Cruz is an American artist, producer and songwriter from San Diego, California. After garnishing attention within the industry, he seemingly went M.I.A. taking a hiatus for several years to hone-in on his craft and explore his sound. Cruz’s first single in over a year called ‘Alone’ has an immaculate vibe.

This song gives off such a chill energy while still talking about something most people can relate to. With lyrics like “Can’t you tell that you’re bringing me down / Traveled all the way to let you know / I’m better off alone” you know what the song is about. After a breakup whether romantic or platonic, you realize that you’re better off by yourself then you were with that person and this song definitely showcases that.

Brent talks about what this song means to him, “Sometimes we stray away from the very things and people that’ve made us who we are; for better or for worse, in order to find who we think we should be. Exploring the depths of these emotions can often lead us to dark places, and sometimes it’s best not to give them power - but they usually end up making great stories.”

The lyric video/visualizer that goes with the song is absolutely stunning and encompasses the track so well. Brent will be releasing some singles soon leading into his next EP late this Spring/Summer and I’m excited to see what’s next for him.

Written by Heather Kathryn

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