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All we are thinking about is ‘21st Century Love’ - GRAACE | REVIEW

"GRAACE has a magical way of taking her brash honesty and turning it into heartbreaking pop tunes...and she does it so well in this new single.”

This 22-year-old Australian is certainly making a name for herself with her diary-style lyrics and gorgeous smooth vocals. In this honest reflection of how insecurities can derail your life, GRAACE admits, "These insecurities are gonna ruin me, and I know this jealousy will ruin us." There is something really special about this artist. A new spin on sad-girl pop - guess what, you can have a peppy beat and make even that awkward girl in the corner monologue into an anthem for everyone. This song has such a great build and will get stuck in your head all day.

GRAACE’S big break came co-writing and featuring on ‘Numb’, the 2017 track from Australian artist and producer Hayden James which quickly became platinum in their homeland. A left-of-center pop smash, it showcased GRAACE’s silky vocals which also saw GRAACE join Flight Facilities as a touring vocalist on their 2018 “The Return Flight” tour, playing shows across Australia as well as North America, Europe and New Zealand. It was quickly followed by the singer’s debut single ‘Kissing Boys’, an equally catchy bop that fleshes out a piano base with fluttering synths.

Now GRAACE has released her debut EP SELF SABOTAGE and continues to have release after release of beautiful sad-girl-pop anthems.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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