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"All This Boredom" - The Drives | Review

I don't think it is possible to be bored listening to The Drives with their new song "All This Boredom".

This track is a boredom buster that will make you want to have a mini rock concert in your room. Personally, I cooked dinner while blasting this through my headphones. I love that the track is meant for that post breakup mindset especially when it's a relationship which you have invested a lot of yourself into. I think that the artist does a fantastic job creating a soundscape that doesn't come off petty or sad but just at a sort of wits end waiting for the feeling to eventually pass.

"No matter what I did during this time, I couldn’t shake the anxiety and sadness but I knew it would eventually pass. So essentially, this song tries to capture the boredom and desperation of waiting for time to pass so that you will feel better. It’s probably not a very healthy reaction to what I was going through but it’s what I decided to do for better or for worse"

The Drives came together in early 2017 around the bedroom recordings of Andrew Levin and Casey Chen. After Geo Botelho joined later that year The Drives began playing shows around Southern California and developing a buzz online. They record and produce everything out of their house in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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