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“All the Umbrellas in London” by Richard Orofino

“All of the Umbrellas in London” is the perfect ambiance for rainy weather. Richard Orofino covers this stunning 1995 hit by The Magnetic Fields, bringing an indie warmth to the artful lyricism of the original. Orofino’s haunting vocals accompany the simplicity of the guitar baseline that transports listeners to the wet streetlights of London and the other cities woven into the song’s story. 

Complimenting Orofino’s inspiration of David Lynch and thematic focus on inseparable love, painful romance and beauty within darkness, the humor and drama of this track fits into Orfino’s discography seamlessly. Richard elaborates, “I like when something is just very straightforward lyrically. This song in particular has just such funny and dark moments. I love the over dramatic dreadfulness that somehow goes hand in hand with a super fun catchy chorus melody.”

With moments of emphasis supplemented by rich vocals, conveying a powerful yearning, the idea of pulling oneself out of the downpour in life is deeply resonant with the suffocating nature of a gloomy depression. But, with all things in life, there is some lightheartedness intricately written in the song. A comforting listen, this laid back cover reinvents a classic hit of the 90s with new energy pulsing through its narrative. 

Written by Allie Witek

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