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“All Night By My Side” - Drugstore Cowboy | Review

“All Night By My Side” featuring LO is a laid-back Indie Pop piece that is perfect for taking in the dwindling days of summer warmth and transitioning into a new season. Reflective of other indie-pop groups like Clean Bandit and smooth singers like Jake Miller, this song will settle right into your end-of-summer playlist.

Dallas natives Mr. Carter Davis and Grant Thompson make an unbeatable duo which has been evident in all of their collaborations from the last several years. Davis’ lyrics and voice combined with Thomson’s drumming and eye for production perfection create a harmonious balance between numerous styles which lead to beauties like this song. LO’s RnB-influenced style, which features styles like Yebba and Sza, adds a fun flair to the song, adding to the undercurrent of genres that surges beneath the track and the groups overall style.

A constant moving target, Drugstore Cowboy refuses to be pinned under one style of music and takes their influences from all across the music scene. Their avoidance of labels is not to be mistaken with passivity but actually the opposite. Both the artists behind Drugstore Cowboy have been passionately involved in music for years, honing their repertoire of genres to a diverse mix.

This fun Lo-fi pop piece is just a taste of their newly released album titled Maverick which features a collection of Texas natives. Influenced by an eclectic collection of artists such as Garth Brooks, Frank Ocean, The Killers, and Larry David, Drugstore Cowboy will keep you on your toes as they rise to the top.

Written by Brigid McCormack

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