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“All My Life” - Cutts | Review

“All My Life” by Cutts is a singer-songwriter song with a beautiful message.

The slow guitar creates a peaceful, hawaiian vacation atmosphere. The drums add a blues element to the song, as Lillian’s voice melds with the guitar notes. Her soft tone and breathy high notes are lovely. She conveys an astounding amount of emotion and longing with her vocals. Lillian Cutt explains, “This song is intended for my sister on her wedding day. To me, it represents the peace you feel in finding someone who you can fully love. Like many other things, her wedding won’t happen this year. In what has been one of the darkest times we have seen, I hope this can be a light to her and anyone else who is missing a little peace."

Cutts is a New York-based pop duo consisting of writer and singer Lilian Cutts, and writer and producer Peter Bonaventure. The band began as a solo project of Lillian’s until she threw herself into her music in order to overcome grief. In 2017 she asked Bonaventure to help remake a song they had written earlier called “Entertain Me.” There the duo was quickly created. They are known for melding edgy electro-pop sounds with dark and soulful melodies, landing somewhere in between alt-pop and contemporary RnB. Three years later, their 2019 single “Breathe” has reached -over 3,300,000 streams on Spotify as they continue to create music together.


Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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