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"All My Friends Need Therapy" - Georgia Meek |Review

Georgia Meek is back with a new single about mental health - from a new perspective. "All My Friends Need Therapy" is an electro pop anthem that describes Georgia's experience as she finds herself "looking in from the other side". Perfectly capturing the sound of life's anxieties and friendships, this May 26th release blends bright background vocals, a poppy drum kit, an wavy synths. The result is a fresh summer single that keeps the heartfelt authenticity of an emerging alt pop artist.

The journey begins with some chords and Georgia starts: "I must've been a little distant." This minimalist intro slowly unwraps the story, and as more percussion and synths are added, the listener is prepared for the chorus. But it doesn't come in with a heavy danceable beat. Instead, the percussion leaves and the chorus is spacey and timeless, as if pausing to take in a realization. For a suspenseful moment, only the kick and bass carry the song along.

The lyrics are simple and easy to sing along to, filling the space like a roaring wind: "All my friends need therapy, and a friend in need is a friend indeed". Then we are pulled back into the full rush of instrumentation, as the song finds its momentum and soars on.

Something that really characterizes the song is Georgia's unique, almost raspy vocal quality . At the second prechorus, Georgia uses a fuller chest voice rather than her clear tone from the first prechorus, which beautifully builds the song's energy and anticipates the drop. And these vocals are layered in the final chorus with more elements to create a full, cosmic sound. The last "lean on me" feels raw, the promise ringing a few seconds longer before the track ends.

Be sure to look out for this single and more of Georgia's music as she begins a UK headline tour this September, visiting cities including Brighton, Manchester and London.

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