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"All I Need" - Taylor Roche | Review

Taylor Roche's new track "All I Need" is a soft new pop track to warm your heart.

I really love the vulnerability Roche is able to tap into with this track. "All I Need" is anthemic and emotional. It is quite introspective and clearly a ballad for the hopeless romantic. It shows the complexities of falling in love and just wanting to say what you are feeling, honestly, and hear what the other person feels, just wanting to stop that awkward lack of communication.

Taylor wrote this song during a session with Auckland based producer Will Henderson, with a heavy nod to his obsession for nostalgic 80’s artists like Prince, Tears For Fears and Chicago and fusing it with his love for modern-day Pop and R&B. This is Taylor’s second installment of 2021, following his recent single ‘why can’t we?’.

This song is a self reflection of the inner battles faced upon realization when we’re undoubtedly falling for someone. Taylor wanted ‘All I Need’ to express this not just lyrically, but heavily within the melody. The verses are structured to feel a sort of dark tension, reflecting the self doubts around ‘do they like me back? Do they feel the same?’ during the early stages of a relationship. This is contrasted with the choruses that explode with an empowering swell of synths and big vocals - embracing the idea of just letting guards down and being true to what you feel, because regardless of what they reciprocate, you know that underneath all the self doubt, they’re all you need.

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