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“All I Need” - Kaio Mars | Review

“All I Need” is to hear Kaio Mars’ new release on repeat. The nostalgic indie rock song wraps a beautiful message in a lovely and enjoyable composition.

Kaio Mar’s guitar opening actually made me jump in my seat. The strong, upbeat notes caught me by a pleasant surprise. His smooth vocals are impressive as he sustains long notes with precision. The song has a really wonderful, nostalgic production as he sings, “I wanna go back, listen to the soundtrack with my mom and dad.” Overall the drum-driven beat works with his soft tone to create nothing but thoughtful, positive vibes.

Kaio explained that this song “serves as a reminder of what draws people to music in the first place and to embrace our individual experiences for the unique treasures that they are rather than trying to conform to some imaginary standard purported by a white-dominated industry.”

Kaio Mars is the moniker of Aidin Sadeghi from the band American Pets, the side project of Young The Giant. Kaio was born in Germany to Iranian parent fleeing post-revolution Iran. He uses his experience to give a voice to the refugee and immigrant experience through his music. “All I Need” is Kaio’s debut single.

Written by Annika Johnson

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