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Alameda - Anna Rose | Review

The third single from Anna Rose’s next project is ‘Alameda’. Rose is a Nashville-based, New York and LA-raised independent artist, her influences range from classic rock to alternative-indie, pop and country. What really shines is her powerful vocal performance and her vulnerability as a woman in the music industry.

This song is giving Lady Gaga - a star is born realness. You can truly tell how much emotion this song has for Anna, it’s heartbreaking. Her songwriting is also incredible with lyrics ranging from “Baby your love feels like quicksand, and I could choke on all the lies you fed to me, the subway sings the saddest songs and I always sing along”

Alameda is a deeply personal story to Anna Rose, it is about the breakup of her marriage. She says “it’s extremely autobiographical and it was a really hard one to write for that reason. Alameda is a tiny island off of San. Francisco - and the way it was described to me was this beautiful place with pretty houses and sweet families. I realized that it was the fantasy of this place that I wanted to run away to, that I had completely fictionalized it in my mind. It’s not really about Alameda, it’s about the tornado that takes you to a fantasy path forward, like the yellow brick road.”

Anna Rose really tore at the heartstrings with this one and we can’t wait to see what’s next from her.

Written by Heather Kathryn

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