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Alabama Deathwaters Releases New Single “Old Fires”

American indie-rock band, Alabama Deathwaters, released a brand new single on Friday, March 25th, called ‘Old Fires.’

The band occupies the same genre space as Phoebe Bridgers, Wilco, Manchester Orchestra, and Pedro The Lion while also giving a unique perspective to the genre.

‘Old Fires' is a catchy, dynamic song with introspective lyrics about not letting the past pain you carry ruin potential future joy.

Lyrics like, “will I find someone to love me, and when the time comes, will I know. Do I want someone to love me” and “just cause old fire burned you don't fear what now warms you” speak to this theme of pain and fear.

The song draws you in with a calm hypnotism that keeps you listening. It isn’t a song that wants to scream in your face and make you uncomfortable. Instead, it wants to comfort you through the pain of your past. Offering words of wisdom and reassurances that everything will be okay.

The song takes an aim at the subconscious. Telling you things you know to be true about yourself but may not want to admit.

The lyrics, combined with powerful guitar strings and a light-raspy voice, remind you of early 2000s emo rock.

This makes sense for the band who describe themselves as “an Americana take on emo, something that finds itself on the spectrum between The Weakerthans and Pinegrove, with a bald lyricism that recalls the likes of John Darnielle.”

This single comes after the three songs the band released in 2021: ‘Bluff,’ “RLS,’ and ‘Limits.’

With this single out, the band aims towards the future, planning future releases, and writing more songs.

'Old Fires' is the first of 2 singles confirmed to be released by Alabama Deathwalk this year. A music video for 'Old Fires' will be released shortly after the song is released on Spotify.

By: Zac Strater

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