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“Ain’t Like Me” - Estella Dawn | Review 

“Ain’t Like Me” is a soft and sultry little love song that shows the soft girl side of Estella Dawn’s usual confident powerhouse style. 

When I press play on Dawn’s latest release I am taken back to dancing along to Norah Jones and Amy Winehouse growing up and hit with a splash of the modern soul of Rozzi Crane. Despite the nostalgic and comforting feelings of artists I knew and loved, Dawn made “Ain’t Like Me” something totally her own. This acoustic love song hits all those puppy love type feels but keeps at its core the confident self love message that she bakes into each of her songs. 

This song is for the folks who have put in the work to love themself. To overcome past hurt, to be their own person, to be confident and own who they are. Real love is knowing your own worth and loving yourself just like you love another - sometimes more.  “They say I got the lovers disease - it ain’t like me to love someone more than I love me”. Estella’s latest release showcases her versatile talent and on the nose storytelling. Tracked at the end of a recording session with musicians playing live in the studio, the song has a rawness that draws listeners in and a easy groove that comes from musicians jamming in a live performance.

Estella Dawn is known for her unwavering confidence and boldly passionate delivery. Her music has proven a force to be reckoned with – her style knows no limits, and across the globe her growing audience is celebrating that quality. Divinely striking vocals carve out a fiercely distinct identity, as this creative powerhouse continues to raise the bar for the future of modern pop.

Born and raised in New Zealand but residing in the US, the singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist brings a depth of talent and ability to the new pop scene. Wholly encapsulating the art of a life devoted to music, the working creative writes, records and produces every one of her releases. Her ability to faultlessly unite elements of piercing delicacy and outright ferocity gives her sound a truly unparalleled edge and allows her to transcend genres with spirited conviction.

Review by Hannah Schneider 

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