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"Afterglow” - Lovelast | Review

The second single from their upcoming EP, Lovelast releases the slow-burning “Afterglow”.

The emotional storytelling in this track is beautiful, some songs just make you feel the story. The synthpop nature of the track dances beautifully in contrast to the bittersweet vocals. You can feel the heartbreak and the desperate clinging onto the good things that once were.

“Afterglow” is about disintegration. It's about seeing the unraveling of love, of a relationship, of a person you care deeply about — and yet, in the middle of that, also remembering why it was so special to you. It's that bittersweet feeling of knowing you're losing the person you love, but also knowing you wouldn't trade anything for the time you had together. So maybe you can't stop the unraveling; maybe it's gone too far. But you can still hold onto the memory of the happiness, the moments when the stress wasn't so overwhelming. Even if it all falls apart, there's still something beautiful to cling to — something waiting for you in the afterglow.

Formed in Houston and now based in San Francisco, Lovelast is the indie-pop project of singer/songwriter Chase Rutherford-Jenkins. Lovelace’ style ranges from cinematic and soaring to minimalist and intimate.

Lovelast's first album December was released in late 2011, followed by the stripped-down Midwinter EP in early 2013. When Jenkins embarked on the 2015 full-length album Home—recorded in the midst of relocating from Texas to California—he began moving in a direction more focused on keys and programming. The sound continued to evolve with his most recent release, The Beauty and the Fire, recorded and mixed entirely in his San Francisco apartment.

Lovelast’s latest single Right, from the upcoming new EP, further refines the keys-driven sound of his recent work while remaining rooted in Jenkins’ introspective lyrics and evocative melodies.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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