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“Afterglow in ohio” - Deathcruiser | Review

I fell in love with Deathcruiser at the first melancholic piano ring out. That simple press of a key paired with a folky vocal is breathtaking. “Afterglow in ohio” is a captivating take on folk music.

I am in love with the anthemic build of the latest Deathcruiser track. For my Noah Kahan fans, consider this Noah’s more calm sonic sibling. “How do we live like this” - this line lingers in my mind and is core to the story of this song. How do we live in a world where there are catastrophes around us and we don’t take the preventative or reparative steps to make sure the damage doesn’t create a scarring ripple.

There is something hauntingly calm in the repetition of the title line. Deathcruiser makes an excellent choice in building this song and its emotion with every refrain.

“This song was inspired by the recent train derailment disaster in East Palestine, Ohio. A portion of the proceeds will go to charity. My goal is to raise awareness about this environmental catastrophe caused by corporate greed and extreme corruption.” - Deathcruiser

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