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‘After The Rain’ - Kyson | Review

Kyson serves up his distinct sound in the mesmerizing and eerie "After The Rain."

While capturing the sounds of the simplicity of Bon Iver and marrying it with slamming electronic production, Kyson's cool and haunting vocals catch you, reflective yet buoyant lyrics offer some insight into his mind, and a punchy, synth-infused soundscape colors the track making this a standout. The song is hauntingly beautiful. The darker synths transform the otherwise peaceful vocals and create a masterpiece. Kyson shows his creative genius and storytelling in the compelling track and the accompanying visual piece. The song is simple but powerful and the visual captures raw emotion without over-romanticizing everyday life.

“On "After The Rain" Kyson explains, "During the process of writing the album, I had minor health scare which ended up with me having to take a course of medication that lasted 6 months. After the treatment which was luckily successful, what followed was a striking and beautiful moment of clarity and positivity. This was the last song that I finished for the album and I wanted to look back and express that notion of being able to feel clear in your own body and mind again and feel the beautiful connection after a period of something seemingly dark, strange and unexpected. I like to create a conversation and relationships between moments in nature to feelings and emotions that we have as humans, in some ways I think they are deeply connected."

In addition, Kyson will be releasing an innovative and beautifully crafted two-part visual to accompany the track. The video was co-written and conceptualized with Director Andreas Lamoth and is able to gracefully portray the minute details that are woven into Kyson's story.

On the video, Kyson says, "I wanted to have a video that was contemplative, something slow and visually stunning to be intertwined to this album. Myself and Andreas really liked the idea of making a film which we could spread across two songs so we could tell a story in the slow pace. I am a big fan of Taiwanese and Japanese cinema (Ozu and Edward Yang especially) and we are trying to tell a story of 'everyday life' which contains one or even more, allegories is a beautiful thing. People can dive in and take their own impressions and fuller ideas away from it."

Kyson co-wrote and art directed the video for "After The Rain" as well as unique visual interludes, contributing to a new, captivating glimpse into Kyson's story.”

Review by Hannah Schneider

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