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"A Tree, A Punk, 2 Masks, A Dove" - Righteous Punk | Review

The beginning of this “A Tree, A Punk, 2 Masks, A Dove”” reminds me of a walk-out instrumental to an upbeat sports game. This is completely different compared to the rest of the song. It’s quite unique.

As I continued to listen to this track, I couldn’t help but to think about artists like Twenty One Pilots, Walk the Moon, and 5 Seconds of Summer. Oh, wait…

That’s probably because Grammy awarded-winning recording and mix engineer Adam Hawkings helped produce the song. Not bad.

As a whole “A Tree, A Punk, 2 Masks, A Dove” reminded me of the summertime growing up. It brought back cheerful and carefree memories of skating around my neighborhood, seeing what parties were going on that weekend.

Righteous Punk otherwise known as Zach Knell hails from Utah. Growing up he loved to sing and write stories eventually turning that into his passion and creating the band Roseburg. Knell eventually left the band for a solo career where he has been honing his musical creativeness and releasing new music constantly.

To me “A Tree, A Punk, 2 Masks, A Dove” is pure nostalgia. I feel like that was Righteous Punk’s idea when creating this track or maybe he’s still living the good life. Whatever it is I enjoyed this song wholeheartedly and I’m pretty sure my teen-self would enjoy it even more.

Written By Quincy Williamson

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