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505 - Isabella Rosetta | Review

Isabella Rosetta is here with a somber track for us. I really dig the slow tempo of the song. It kinda just carries you along. The effects of the background guitar are very cool. Isabella is trying to keep a fire going that seems to be fizzling out. The track itself has some air of the Gorillaz.

My favorite line in the song has to be “drowned by the noise… holding us in place… trying to be more than just a charity case” seems like she wanted something meaningful, having them be around because they want to be there, not because they're doing her a favor. We all want to feel loved and this song can connect with people who have experienced these emotions in real time.

And the breakdown is just amazing. It adds a really dope element to the song.

This is the third release by Isabella Rosetta, she describes her sound as smoky with heavy topics and light sounds. She is based in San Francisco describing herself as an indie rock or indie pop artist. I for one am eager to see what else Isabella Rosetta has for us.


Written By Derek Darnell

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