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"18" - Malena Smith |Review

On July 18, Malena Smith released her summer bop, “18.” This pop/R&B anthem about reflecting on the choices made at the age 18, is a go-to song for blasting in the car with the windows down.

This pop/R&B track has a dash of disco blended in. The funky bassline, light and airy keyboard chords, tambourine in the chorus, and Smith’s talented vocals make “18” really recognizable and enjoyable to listen to. This upbeat track does a great job of displaying a more serious subject matter, with a danceable beat. A song that comes to mind that is similar to Smith’s approach is “We Don’t Talk Anymore” by Charlie Puth & Selena Gomez.

I admire Smith’s vulnerability in her lyrics. For example, a lyric that stood out to me was, “Have I been too patient? / Has the best already passed me by?” These lyrics show Smith’s introspection towards the decisions she made as a teenager. Smith shares, “At 18 years old, I felt that I chose to stay in college after starting to buy myself more time to figure out how to pursue my ultimate goal and dream of being a singer-songwriter. I had no idea what steps to take first or what lane I should take.” I find Smith’s honesty to be relatable. At 18, I was definitely in the same shoes as she was.

Malena Smith is a singer, songwriter, and storyteller from St. Louis. Her unique artistry comes from her ability to sing multiple genres from classical to R&B. In the past, Smith has shared the stage with singers including Michael Buble, Clark Beckham, the St. Louis Symphony. Alongside “18,” Smith has another recent single titled, “Betray Myself.”

Written by, Erika Isaacs

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