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Meet the Unheard Gems Team

Here you can learn a bit about each of our team members and how we work behind the scenes of Unheard Gems, finding artists, working on interviews, writing articles, planning events, and more. 


Hannah Schneider


Founder of Unheard Gems, Hannah's entrepreneurial and music-loving spirit creates what you watch and hear and read on Unheard Gems. Founding Unheard Gems at 16, the now 19-year-old, Hannah conducts the interviews and curates the artists featured on the Unheard Gems as well as write articles and reviews on the blog. With a passion for music and desire to know the people behind the new music that is soon to take over the airways, Hannah works closely with all of the artists featured on Unheard Gems to bring you an honest and unique look at new music. She is currently attending Scripps College just south-east of LA. 
Contact Hannah:

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Tatum Jenkins

Editor and Chief/Writer

Tatum Jenkins is the editor of written content on Unheard Gems and frequently writes reviews and other articles for the site.  She aspires to pursue a career as a writer or editor where she can create and highlight LGBTQ+ content to give others the representation she never had as a child. She loves listening to all different types of music and has way too many Spotify playlists. Tatum is currently attending Emerson College in Boston.


Zoe Schmitt

Writer, Graphic  Designer & Photographer

Zoe Schmitt is  the official photographer of Unheard Gems and  writes  reviews for the site. Zoe is the head of playlist curration for Unheard Gems.  She is currently undecided on a career path, but enjoys drawing, painting, and photography. She also loves listening to all types of music. Zoe is currently attending Scripps College in Claremont, California, and she makes sure to eat at least one cookie with a fork each day.