Working to get the artists we love heard.

All artists deserve a shot at getting their voices out there. We are here to help how we can. 

Here is who we are currently working with:

Cate Tomlinson

Cate Tomlinson is an 18-year-old singer, songwriter, and performing artist from San Francisco. Her music is inspired by pop, soul, and rock and roll. The young self-made artist now based out of Boston is working to develop her unique voice as an artist at Northeastern University as a Music Industry major. Continuing to explore her craft and passion, this young vocalist is bound to make waves this year. 

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KISA, also known as Kayla, was the first in her Russian/Ukrainian family to be born in the US. She grew up in the LA area, speaking both English and Russian. At an early age, KISA picked up the piano from her professional pianist grandmother. She began to express herself creatively through poetry, songwriting, acting, and dancing. At age 18, KISA began to record her own music and release. She is a natural-born performer due to her dance background and love for big audiences. Her passion is endless for poetry and songwriting and her love for music is genuine.

Links to socials: 

Instagram: @krilovekayl
Twitter: @musicbykisa


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