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"Your House" - stefan | Review

Last month I had the pleasure of reviewing “Up”, another one of Stefan’s songs and I was thoroughly impressed, but I think I enjoyed this song a little bit more.

Some people would call this track alternative/indie r&B, others would refer to it as bedroom/lo-fi pop. Whatever genre you think it is, you’re right. It’s an uniquely homogenous mix that just works.

I really enjoyed the 808 and bass mix in this song. When I first played “Your House” I was a little taken back about how explosive the bass sounded - in a good way. And as always Stefan’s voice is timid, but great. It goes with how the lyrics perceive how he’s feeling.

Unlike sticking with the recent sad narrative of recently reviewed songs, this song is a lot happier. The gist of the song is when you meet someone you like, you set up a date, and basically you’re super nervous to finally meet up with them. Once again, we have a classic “life” scenario that I have been talking about non-stop…

But who cares.

The more we share about each other's experiences the better we react when we are placed in those situations. Well, I would hope to think so.

Once again like last time, the New York native seems to be quite reclusive. Not a lot of people know who he is, but I can tell you one thing…

If he keeps this simple, but great music up, he will be on top somewhere in the music world.

Written By Quincy Williamson

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