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"Young Libertine" - Left Field Messiah | Review

Left Field Messiah comprises three band members; Steve Bats, Jeremy Ruzumna, and Erik Janson. All three bring unique sounds and instrumentals to Left Field Messiah’s signature sound…

Young Libertine is a prime example of what I like to call songs like this “genre mix or mut” if you will. The song captures groovy melodies and an almost psychedelic-trippy-funk sound with a sweet touch of indie rock.

But that's not all.

In an interview Left Field Messiah explained that “Young Libertine” combined “early 90s hip hop tones and soul dance melodies splashed with some nice 80s pop moments.

This track is VERY unique, but don’t hate on that… it’s a fantastic song.

There isn’t much known about this reclusive Canadian band. On their Facebook page under “about” it states that they are a new band.

For a new band “Young Libertine” works very well. The unique sound from each bad member vibe really well with each other. Their music is weird, eclectic and just funky.

I hope you enjoyed this song as much as I did.

Written By Quincy Williamson

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