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"You've Got a Way" - Charlotte Glass | Review

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Charlotte Glass hits the music industry running, with her first single You’ve Got a Way that was released this Saturday the 15th. Produced by Andre Rodriguez (, the song in itself posses a simple yet effective textural composition that blends beautifully with Charlotte’s sweet sounding vocals. It speaks on the trance-like experience of loving and being with someone who is evidently toxic for you. Yet, despite all of their mistakes and flaws you are to blinded by infatuation and their euphoric “Way” to simply turn your back on them. It surprisingly stirred some sort of passive sadness I was unaware was within me, and although it is not a necessary danceable song, I was bobbing my head the whole time while listening to it.

Charlotte has created a unique and experimental vibe in You’ve Got a Way that, for the lack of

better wording, is alternative and very mellow indie. The lyrical structure is strong and the bridge and alternate chorus are quite an enchanting treat. I’d say with a song like You’ve Got a Way, Charlotte Glass is bound to become the music world’s next alternative queen.

Artist: Charlotte Glass

Release Date: September 15, 2018

Find Charlotte:

Song Review by: Alexia

Edited by: Hannah

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