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"You Seem Great" - Josh Tavares |Review

This singer-songwriter acoustic track "You Seems Great" is a love song for someone pining for a connection.

There is something beautifully simplistic about the new single from Tavares. We all have people in our life that we want to keep a connection with through the years, be it be a long time secret crush or a friendship that falls by the wayside, we often see these people as doing well from a distance. Often that is just scratching the surface. Maybe they would be even better with you back in their life or closer to them.

From Tavares: I wrote this song about missing someone and the amazing friendship we once had. I was having a conversation with this person and we literally started talking about the weather (it was cold and cloudy if anyone cares). I wrote this on guitar with a very simple 3 chord pattern, thinking it would turn into something bigger but after playing with it in the studio, we loved the more simplistic, indie vibe with the original demo.

Soft. Sensitive. Gentle. Well, none of those words actually describe Toronto-based alt-pop artist Josh Tavares, but he likes to think so. A music lover from an early age, his current musical influences include Lorde, Billie Eilish, The Neighbourhood, and most prominently Taylor Swift, who he says, inspires his current writing style, and in recent years encouraged him to take songwriting more seriously. Josh began experimenting with original music at an early age, picking up the guitar when he was 10 and begging his teachers to perform his new songs in front of the class any chance he got - which wasn't embarrassing at all...

Writing music is by far his favorite part of the creative process. Almost always starting with a title and working his way through the verses and chorus from there, his inspiration for writing comes from literally anything around him: his friends and family, TV shows and even occasionally eavesdropping in on a stranger's conversation waiting in line for coffee. Song ideas can come at the most inconvenient times, almost always producing the most beautiful results.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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