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"You Got Me Like" - Barrett Crake | Review

Sometimes the blatantly wrong choice is also by far the most exciting. Listening to the devil on your shoulder is sometimes more enticing than its angelic counterpart, and Barrett Crake is here to tell the tale with his new single.

A tale as old as time, “You Got Me Like” is about pursuing a fling that’s clearly wrong, yet feels so right. The inherent thrill, risk, and eagerness in such a pursuit is conveyed through buzzing, lush synths, and a catchy indie pop melody akin to those of Khai Dreams and Alfie Templeman. Witty lyrics like “Are you busy tonight? Maybe later I— never mind,” don’t take themselves too seriously, but also demonstrate that all-too-familiar feeling of leaning into temptation while trying to back away. As a whole, the song is breezy and danceable, and even feeling summer-y and warm, conjuring mental images of palm-lined avenues and retro cars in California beach parking lots.

As Crake’s first uptempo tune, it fills the air with lighthearted, maybe even wicked, rebellious fun. “This is easily the most fun and energetic song I've ever made and it excites me so much. Most of my songs have been chill and this is the first one where I absolutely had to dance and choreograph for a fully produced music video,” he writes. His energy and passion for the song, as astray from his comfort zone as it is, carries throughout the tune and music video. The video’s bold color palette and high-energy choreography just reinforces what we already know about the song- it’s the anthem of the vacation we’re all taking in our heads as winter rolls back around.

Barrett Crake has mastered the DIY approach to modern pop music. Through utilizing the internet and modern technology, he has taken on music projects for artists from all over the world, including the 2017 remix of Corona’s “Rhythm of the Night,” scoring over 1.5 million streams and reaching #2 on the Germany dance charts. Now, he is collaborating with songwriters and producers to make his own music, and has earned a loyal following of fans across the globe. Themes of self-reflection and growing up weave his songs together, so you can dance in the club and get a little more out of it.

Written by Jess Ward

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