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"You Can Be Somebody To Love" - Gaspar Sanz | Review

Sometimes we just need a reminder that we are worthy of love.

Gaspar Sanz releases a sweet electro pop track titles "You Can Be Somebody To Love". Please, send this to someone who needs it. This reminder of positivity and kindness. After some introspection, the band knew they needed to create a song to remind people that there is always someone in their corner.

“We wanted to have fun with this track and focus on good vibes but also let people know that they have the choice to be the best versions of themselves," says singer James Bell.

"The world has changed so much and very quickly. And the majority of people are experiencing really hard and confusing times. Forced into isolation and fear with the state of the world. It’s human nature to seek control when we’re met by the unknown future to come."

With lyrics like 'Now that you wanted to waste away' and 'You say you're low and you go right back to, You and I have simple minds' the turmoil of emotions are quickly turned to positivity as James sings 'Go and chase all the stars, let it go.You know you can be somebody to love'.

James continues: "The only thing we can actually control is our emotions and the choices we make. Everyone has a choice to find happiness amongst the chaos. To start looking inward for answers to heal so we all can be examples. No one can take away who you are!”

The restrictions of Covid-19 also created new challenges for songwriting, as the formerly Sydney-based band navigated half of them returning home to Perth in Western Australia to weather the storm.

However, the ability to write cross-country turned out to be a beneficial skillset to have developed when the band engaged legendary producer Jacknife Lee on You Can Be Somebody To Love. The band had worked with Jacknife on previous release On My Mind as a mix engineer, and the producer was so taken by both the band and their music that he offered to produce their next track.

“We had a few demos that we liked and were excited about. And the opportunity to work with producer Jacknife was really exciting for us. He heard the demo for the song and was keen to collaborate," says James.

"As we were all in different parts of the world at the time it was definitely a different experience creating a song in that way."

The band worked across multiple time-zones and different hemispheres to bring the rough demo into the bouncing feel-good track

You Can Be Somebody To Love.

"Normally recording a song for us takes a bunch of sweaty people in a room with instruments and equipment," James muses.

"Luckily we had instruments from the demo already done to work with. We re-recorded the drums and then went back and forth with Jack on shaping the song. Working together, the space and the character of the song became the focus."

Multiple studio sessions in Sydney and Perth were organised, as the band virtually discussed the song evolution amongst themselves and with their LA-based producer.

All agreed: "It was definitely a new and different but great way to write for us. We learnt a lot working with Jack and we hope everyone loves the song as much as we do.”

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