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"Yes Chef" - Estella Dawn |Review

Gordon Ramsey isn’t the only person that can scream yes chef. New Zealand born artist, Estella Dawn has given us a pop track that is perfectly raunchy and dreamy.

Reflecting on past situationships, Estella lets us into our vulnerable side for a bit. The intro is pensive and you can tell that a powerhouse is coming. With sassy lines like “you don’t want commitment, just a good time” we’re given a strong and climatic song that emphasizes the frustration we’ve all felt dealing with a situationship.

If you’re a fan of Tove Lo (which you should be) you’re going to love Estella Dawn (which you already should.)

Estella Dawn is poised to capture the hearts of music lovers everywhere as she combines the emotional intensity of Raye, the sexiness of Leyla Blue, and the production chops of Halsey in her new release. With over 350k followers online, Estella has earned a dedicated fanbase who appreciate her for her innate ability to blend genres and her commitment to heartfelt expression that sets her apart as a true artist in the modern pop scene.

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