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"yellow turtleneck" - Kidgloves x Elizabeth Woolf | Review

"yellow turtleneck" is a stunningly stripped back track from an Unheard Gems favorite, Kidgloves and a new name for us, Elizabeth Woolf.

"yellow turtleneck" is a classic sounding lovesong, its waltz styling makes for a late autumn in the city sort of vibe. The duet feels like an effortless pairing although it is the first collaboration for these two artists. There is something whimsical yet comforting to the nostalgic ambience the combination of soul and lo-fi pop brings to a 2020 love story.

While not a direct holiday track, "yellow turtleneck" definitely gives me the non-denominational holiday season ambiance. It is relaxing in a way that transports you back in time to something simple and fantastical like how you saw the holidays as a child full of wonder.

Woolf's soft voice introduces the song with her trademark nostalgic breathy tone, which is complemented tastefully by kidgloves production arrangements and soulful beat (not to mention his soothing voice). Peace and lightness walk together on this track - it's the perfect song to dance in the kitchen to before your quarantine thanksgiving meal.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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