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"worth it" - girlhouse |Review

girlhouse is an artist that transports you to a live show everytime you press play and her latest single "worth it" brings you right to the front row.

"Let me show you I'm worth it", this line hangs in the air as the guiding narrative for this song. There is this feeling of needing to prove that you are enough to not only keep around but enjoy so engrained into this song. You can feel the longing, desire, disenchantment, and explosiveness of the emotional back and forth of trying to prove yourself in a relationship.

"worth it" feels classically girlhouse. Soft nostalgic vocals matched with reverb-soaked guitar throughout. There is a cacophonous explosion of guitar that feels almost cathartic in each chorus after a slow and soft build. This energy is exactly why we love girlhouse.

Speaking about “worth it”, she said, "I always knew that I could be worthy of love but I had a toxic idea of what loving meant. I’d “fallen in love” with someone who kept telling me I wasn’t enough and yet kept me around. They had so much control over me that even after they weren’t in my life, I still shaped my entire life around proving to them that I could be loved. This was my life up until an interaction after a show in New York that left me completely disenchanted. I don’t even recognize who I was when I was “in love” with them. This song is about that moment and embodies putting words to a situation that I still don’t fully don’t understand yet."

Growing up in the city of Portland, a place of polar opposites with the very liberal on one side to those wielding confederate flags on the other, girlhouse’s Lauren Luiz first began to make her mark as an actress in her early twenties. Appearing in shows like the NBC hit series Grimm. Driven by her first serious breakup, she migrated to LA in 2013 to pursue her acting career, where she got her first big break in a production of Spring Awakening. The show took her to Broadway, New York, saw her perform for President Barack Obama at The White House. And while her music had yet to come to the forefront of her creative spirit, it was this pursuit of an acting dream that led her to the places and people she would come to build her music career around. It was here in LA that she met her future band mate/producer Tyler Thompson. The two had an instant creative connection and stayed firmly in touch when Lauren had to uproot to New York for Spring Awakening. But once that show ended, she returned to LA and the pair formed their first musical venture WILD, together with another band mate.

Inspired heavily by the works of fellow female singer-songwriters such as Phoebe Bridgers, Soccer Mommy, and Lucy Dacus and now living in Nashville, her personal life still continues to inspire and influence her music, offering us all a window into her soul and creating a bright and sweeping world for us all to enjoy.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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