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Women's Day: "Queen" Elle Exxe

In celebration of international women’s empowerment day, we’re highlighting the new song, “Queen,” from female pop artist Elle Exxe. Created by an all-female team, including Katie Tavini (The Charlatans, Sonic Boom Six) and Olga Fitzroy (Chris Martin, Ed Harcourt), this vibrant, electronic-pop track is inspired by Exxe’s experiences as a woman in the music industry. This song screams girl power with its light-hearted lyrics about being the queen in your own life and fun energy.

Exxe will be playing two shows at SXSW shows this year and is embarking on her first headlining American tour. She has won the “Best Female” award at the Unsigned Music Awards in 2016 and has performed all over Asia, Europe, Canada, and America.

You can listen to “Queen” on Spotify, Soundcloud, or iTunes for a quick burst of confidence on international women’s empowerment day.

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