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“Wine Wandering Mind” - Painted On | Premiere

These days a lot of people are probably trying to wait things out and are trying to temper expectations. ‘Wine Wandering Mind’, the new single from duo Painted On, captures the melancholy feeling of waiting it out.

We live in a very uncertain reality at the moment, so much is changing, so much is unknown. Sometimes your mind needs to wander to keep things in a bit of perspective. "Wine Wandering Mind" is the first single off of the upcoming cloud*chasers EP by Painted On. The song traverses themes of mental health and creativity within a turbulent society. The cinematic indie duo have taken what was once a side project into full-effect during quarantine, and have written a 6-song EP that enwraps you in uncertainty but ultimately guides you towards hope. A slow floating indietronica track with stunning harmonies, this duo truly creates an almost story-like experience.

Painted On is a new indie duo based out of Queens, NY. Longtime collaborators who met a decade ago on the once prolific Craigslist music listings, the couple (Hillary Capps / Anthony Farina) have recently combined efforts to create Painted On.

The alternative duo is sonically atmospheric & cinematic, and lyrically poetic & sensory. The tracks encapsulate the listener with a bed of textures & instruments that you often can’t quite discern, while the lyrics take you on a journey towards self-discovery & worth.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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