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"Will You Miss Me" - Claire Frazier | Review

I think Claire Frazier is one of the up and coming artists you need to know ASAP. Her powerful voice, authentic lyrics, and unapologetic storytelling are fantastic and give pop music a new flare.

Claire Frazier's Will You Miss Me is her third independent single leading up to her EP release. The single written by herself and frequent collaborator Kaylee Ayers was produced by Shae Jacobs (Dua Lipa, Chainsmokers, and Bulow) and Freddy Alexander (Shy Martin & Elina).

This song encompasses the bitter feelings of hurt, rage, and jealousy that some people experience after breaking up. Some people cope with moving on in finding a rebound, some have to take some time alone, but to see someone move on while you are still waiting to heal makes you wonder, "do you even miss me"? This feeling of being dropped hurts and Frazier captures it perfectly. “Will You Miss Me” is an “in your face” response to a bad breakup.

On the track, she said: I want the words “do you miss me when she wants parts of your heart” to empower the listener and make them feel as if they are in control of their situation. Those words should almost taunt the person who the listener is thinking of when they hear the song. “Will You Miss Me” goes from apologetic to brutally honest to bitter to indifferent (while still holding a slight curiosity as to how the one who has been hurt really feels). I think it’s normal to wonder how the person who left you is doing in their new relationship and if you still have a place in their mind, but it’s kind of mysterious that they don’t know how much you really care...or if you even did.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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