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“Wild Sea (Stripped Version)” - Lara Snow |Review

Lara Snow newest release “Wild Sea (Stripped Version)” is a heart wrenching ballad. Initially released in 2020 as a part of her EP Delete Forever, Snow returns with the stripped version of “Wild Sea,” which was recorded during the first lockdown of the COVID pandemic.

The sorrow in the original non-stripped version hits hard, but the additional instruments give “Wild Sea” a sad and angry vibe. However, “Wild Sea (Stripped Version)” solely includes Snow's vocals and an accompanying piano.

I felt that Snow’s “Wild Sea (Stripped Version)” hit differently. The sadness and longing of singing about a toxic relationship and consequent breakup was heightened. The piano keys emphasized her voice and lyrics. Without the other instruments, I was able to focus more on her voice. She sang with a voice full of melancholy and despair. “Wild Sea (Stripped Version)” was a consistent punch to the gut as I continued feeling Snow’s sorrow.

Snow’s chorus includes an echo of her lyrics singing with her, which added prominence and eeriness to the song. The echo then increased the sorrow and longing “Wild Sea (Stripped Version)” conveyed. Furthermore, the lyrics that kept on coming back to me were “I’ll bury you” and “I gave you everything.” The lyric of “I’ll bury you” created an image of a funeral and of losing someone important. While it was sad, the image was also powerful and happy because it was of Snow leaving and burying her toxic relationship and partner in the past. It was a show that she was moving on. Additionally, “I gave you everything” highlighted how much Snow put into the relationship and cared. At the same time, Snow alludes to how it didn’t matter to her partner, and they didn’t return the affection or attentiveness. It was like a one sided relationship that was falling apart.

It was powerful to see Snow moving on throughout the song but heartbreaking to see the impact the relationship had on her. “Wild Sea (Stripped Version)” is a powerful, depressing song in the best way. It’s the type of song you listen to drown in. Snow’s vocals were captivating, and I loved the stripped version of “Wild Sea”!! I think it emphasized all parts of the song to her benefit.

Lara Snow is a singer-songwriter based in Tel-Aviv. “Wild Sea” is “her most personal & intimate song to date.” The lockdown for the pandemic caused Snow “To return to the most basic instincts and habits, rediscover the joy in little things,” leading to her stripped piano version of “Wild Sea.” Snow is an Indie-Pop artist. She began releasing music in 2019 with her debut EP Delete Forever begin released in March 2020. Delete Forever raked over 200k streams on Spotify and 250k plays on YouTube.

Written by Anne Friedman

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