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"Why Did I Lose You” Jodi Valentin- Review

Your sad song of the summer is here with “Why Did I Lose You” by Jodi Valentin. A reflection of a relationship gone wrong, “Why Did I Lose You” asks the question we often ask after a relationship goes south. Valentin is for fans of FLETCHER, Lennon Stella, and many more. “Why Did I Lose You” is a great addition to all the Sad Summer playlists you may have queued up, which, hopefully isn’t too many.

“Maybe I’m just stuck here being too hard on myself” rings out in the pre-chorus right before Valentin begs the question of “Why Did I Lose You”. This line hits hard with the post-breakup blues because we often question everything we did after a relationship comes to an end. Maybe we are too hard on ourselves, sometimes we don’t take enough credit and aren’t hard enough on ourselves. In the end, we all end up asking the same question that Valentin asks throughout the song: “Why Did I Lose You”.

I love this song for so many reasons. Lyrically it’s brilliant, it gets across every feeling you have after a relationship comes to a close– the pain, confusion, heartbreak, and misunderstanding. Sonically, “Why Did I Lose You” sounds incredible– I love how it’s upbeat and catchy even if the lyrics are a little more on the melancholy side. I think “Why Did I Lose You” is great because it’s relatable for people who have been in a relationship that has gone wrong, but it’s also just a fun song that anyone can listen to and enjoy. Overall, I think Valentin nailed it on this one. For anyone who has gone through or is currently going through a breakup– “Why Did I Lose You” is definitely going to be your breakup anthem if you have to have one.

Review Done By Casper Barbour

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