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"Where You Are" - Madelyn | Review

The third single from British artist Madelyn, is smooth indie pop song "Where You Are".

The track builds slowly and softly, honestly the chorus took me by surprise the first time I listened. Its the slow vibe into an electropop groove, completely fresh and fun. Madelyn has sweet vocals, that innocence electronic sound that a lot of people love with this pop dance tracks.

Where you are is the new single from Madelyn, anticipating sunny weather and states of euphoria. The track journeys from intimacy into bursts of energy in its anthemic choruses, encapsulating both the yearning and excitement of waiting to be with somebody. Accidentally the perfect soundtrack to missing a loved one in the lockdown.

Madelyn is a 23 year-old artist and producer from the UK. After studying music at Bristol University, she spent a couple more years in the city refining her sound and writing new material, including her two singles Hero and Familiar, which were both played by BBC introducing in the West. Currently living and creating in Birmingham, Madelyn released her newest single on May 16th.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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