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“When You Were Young” - A Crystal Clear Moment | Review

I heard ‘When You Were Young’ and immediately thought this would be an incredible track to ring in the new year.

A Crystal Clear Moment blends 80’s synth influence and modern electronic pop-rock. Truly a New York sound sort of similar to that of Unheard Gem favorite Ariana and the Rose. The track is anthemic and hopeful and really is a standout for its blend of genres. The credentials on this track are impressive. The guitar is played by Jens Frithiof who normally plays with Ulf Lundell. The track is sung by vocal starlet Harper Diaz and mastered in New York by Scott Hull who is known to be one of the most ingenious mastering techs in the world, working for Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana, Madonna, Jay-Z, David Bowie, Steely Dan and many, many more.

A Crystal Clear Moment is inspired by people who leave comfort zones behind in quest of insight and are prepared to act on what they find. A moment of clarity may inspire lifelong change and adventure. ACCM was founded by producer Rickard Abrahamsson. After growing up making music he took a right turn and decided to pursue a carrier as a CFO. But the hard work took its toll and he had a serious health breakdown. The experience was life changing. He quit his job and founded a new business to be able to spend more time with his family. In the next step he also decided to pursue his musical ambitions with his brother who runs a recording studio. The project has a strong sense of finding inner peace and being true to yourself. Rickard and his brother are surrounded by and depending on a big collective of musicians, engineers, designers, directors and cinematographers. There is no shortcut in the search for crystal clarity.

The project was founded by Rickard Abrahamsson and by his side he has an acclaimed collective of musicians, engineers, designers, directors and cinematographers. With inspiration from modern hit music production the idea of an open collective is a way to work every song into perfection. No shortcuts. The lush production has taken years to finish.

While the first single Close My Eyes was a low key piano ballad, When You Were Young is an upbeat radio-ready single with an energetic synth bass and a country tinged melody. The mix of modern production and traditional studio recording comes from a burning interest for pop music as well as genres like contemporary country and singer/songwriter. The lyrics are about the passing of time and what happens when we get older. It’s nostalgic in a sense yet looking forward.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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